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        MR Contrast Media Injector

        Zenith MR Injector with non-magnetic structure can meet all your need in CE-MR imaging and have multiple helpful features.C60 is compatible with magnetic force up to 3T MR imaging system.
        Benefits of Dual Syringe
        ●Delivering saline after the injection of contrast medium, which enhance the quality of imaging.
        ●KVO procedure prevent the position of injection from blood coagulation.

        ●Excellent performance, 8 Amp. hour battery offers longer scan times between ges
        ●Independent KVO procedure
        ●On-screen tutorial for the simplification of set-up procedure
        ●Flexible power management with Integrated Continuous Battery Charger option allows either full, non-tethered battery operation or continuous battery ging through AC power connection - switch to either battery or power source in seconds
        ●Mobile configuration available for MR trailers
        ●Multi-phase injection control

        ●Flow Rate programmable:0.1 to 10.0 ml/sec in 0.1 ml/sec increments
        ●Pressure Limits: Factory set not exceed 350psi
        ●Injection Capabilities:1 to 8 phases