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        Welcome Indian client visit to Seacrown
        Release date:2019-05-20

        On May 20th, 2019, Indian customers who had an interview with us in Shanghai CMEF came to Seacrown to visit. Our International Marketing manager Melody warmly and friendly welcomed the Indian friends.


        The customer indicated that they are very interested in the products of Seacrown at CMEF, so after the exhibition, they could not wait to come to Shenzhen Seacrown, and hope to learn our products and discuss cooperation matters.



        Melody first gave the client a detailed introduction of our company's development history and international market conditions, so that customers can fully learn about Seacrown. Afterwards, they took a tour of Seacrown product production line. At the request of the customer, our engineers gave the customer a training on the spot. From installation to after-sales, the customer carefully studied the product and conducted detailed technical discussions with the researcher. The safe, reliable and user-friendly design of Seacrown products is highly appreciated.



        Grateful to the friends of India for their visit and trust. We believe that we will be able to build a longer-term cooperation and make a contribution to the health of the people all over the world.